Edward Hersey Art






Edward Heresy has been able to paint for as far back as he can remember; it was something that just came naturally. It was an interest that started as a hobby and became a way of life.

He began selling his pictures to galleries in Surrey and Sussex in the early 1980ís and through a chance encounter met up with his agent a few years later.

He moved to the West Country with his wife in 1987 where he works from his studio at home, overlooking the countryside.

His pictures in the main depict an earlier era of rural life and he is probably best known for his paintings of traditional farm buildings and the British landscape. He is able to capture the essence of the past and has a wonderful understanding of light and the importance of shadow. His attention to detail and minutiae are second to none. The paintings portray all seasons and in recent years there has been a great interest in the snows scenes that he produces. His pictures have been reproduced for many years for limited edition prints, high quality greetings cards etc.

He has travelled throughout the country gathering vast quantities of photographic records to allow him to accurately represent the great diversity of the landscape of our countryside.

Whilst he is best known for his landscape and countryside pictures he has also produced many still life works, workshop interiors, and backstreet shops and buildings and has been commissioned for a number of animal portraits.